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What is iFlipd?

iFlipd is an online textbook subscription service; allowing students to pay for digital textbooks on a weekly basis ­- reducing the overall costs to access the content. With the costs of physical textbook at an all time high, iFlipd is the only platform that allows students to pay for digital textbooks by the week ($2 ­- $20 per book, per week). iFlipd reduces the acquisition costs for students and allows them to only pay for the time that they are actually using the book.

How we help students

In addition to lowering the costs of using the textbooks, iFlipd offers multiple ways to make textbooks a more engaging learning experience. We offer an interactive reader where students and professors can collaborate, ask questions, share notes and learn together.

How we help universities

We partner with Universities to offer multiple ways to alleviate the pain point of skyrocketing textbook prices. We work with any sized university to offer textbooks stipends, textbook scholarships or discounts on the textbook subscriptions. The school pays for what students actually use vs paying the up­front costs of the entire textbooks.

Universities are Using these textbook stipends to:

  • Reward students, volunteers, athletes or campus groups.
  • Add value in recruiting students to their school or a program at their school.
  • Increase retention of students enrolled in school or programsat schools.

Here’s what students are saying:

I love this idea so much! I’ve had classes that only use the textbook for the first few weeks and the final. Textbooks are always that unexpected cost of college. I will absolutely keep using iFlipd!

— Melissa ­- University of West Florida
iFlipd is a great way for college students to save money on these ridiculous textbooks prices as well as earning points for free rentals. Great concept and I’m looking forward to using iFlipd while I’m in college.
— Andreas - UCLA
Such a great idea. Many of my classes require just a chapter or two from one book and we have to get the whole book for that. Renting a book for just a week saves me so much money.
— Keshar ­- New York University

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