The iFlipd Team

Kati Radziwon

CEO - Founder

For Kati the decision to launch iFlipd was simple: she loves books, but couldn’t find good venues in which to explore and share them online. A former tech executive with a luxury retailer, Kati has also built her own successful photography business in Portland, Oregon. Her secret to running a startup while raising three boys? She can text with her toes.

Kevin Merritt

CTO/CIO - Founder

Take a look at iFlipd and you’ll notice Kevin’s handiwork is everywhere. As founder of One Foot, a Brooklyn-based production company specializing in television and live events (and a former birthday-party magician) he brings a mix of tech and theatrical skills to the iFlipd interface. But don’t ask him why he owns an ambulance.

Galen Davis

VP Marketing/Customer Success

15 years experience of successful product and brand building for early stage companies almost equals the combined ages of Galen’s three sons, dog, and sourdough bread starter. Marketing, product, partnerships, and happy customers are his specialties.

Brock Anderson

Marketing Manager

Walking away halfway through Nursing School to pursue a passion and calling in marketing, Brock brings years of tech startup experience to the iFlipd team. He holds a bachelor degree from Oregon State University (Go Beavs!) He enjoys co-hosting a millennial podcast and trying to pursue his life long goal of becoming a Power Ranger.

Patrick Lemiuex

VP Engineering

Patrick’s been hacking on computers since he was 14. His career ranges from HBO to Huffington Post, where he’s been a javascript guru. Patrick is insanely passionate about giving users a fast, reliable and beautiful experience. He even use to work as a radio dj For XM Satelite Radio a while back ago in the early oughts.

Cameron Palk

Project Manager

Cameron graduated from Unviersity from Oregon’s computer science program and is in charge of designing iFlipd’s next generation graphQL APIs. Being a recent graduate, Cameron saw firsthand the students looking for an option such as iFlipd. Originally from the Seattle area, Cameron works out of coffee shops in Portland about 3 days week. He also loves machine learning.

Rafael Dwan

Full Stack Developer / Code Monkey

Rafael has built websites in one way or another for almost twenty years while running innovative ecommerce companies, driving pedicabs through Manhattan, handling national B2B sales and marketing for small-scale manufacturers, and occasionally farming geoducks. Rafael graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2008 and joins the iFlipd team after completing the core curriculum at to round out his self-taught skills as a full-stack web application engineer. Rafael enjoys long walks, sunsets, a good book, and React.js.

Lizzie Ahern

Customer Service / Marketing

The new kid on the block is Lizzie Ahern, but she’s no amateur when it comes to providing quality customer service at iFlipd. As a recent grad, Lizzie knows the struggles of college which is why she is devoted to making books more convenient and affordable to students everywhere. When she’s not assisting iFlipd customers, Lizzie is coaching volleyball, on a hike, or binge watching shows on Netflix.