When Should You Go Back-to-School Shopping?
Published August 6th, 2019

Mark your calendars for the best times of the year to go shopping, and you’ll save yourself buckets of money in return! You only need to go shopping every once in a while anyways.. Right?

Back to school Shopping (August- September)

Going back to school is always the perfect excuse to get new clothes so you can show up in style. Almost every brand is smart enough to have a back to school sale - so whether you go to school or not, this is prime sale time!

Black Friday Sale

Before you know it it’ll be time to go shopping once again, but this time for more winter-appropriate clothes. Who hasn’t heard of the madness of Black Friday? Black Friday is the biggest sale opportunity of the year. Get yourself some new stuff and knock out all your holiday shopping while you’re at it! 

BUT WAIT.. what if I don’t want to suffer through the black friday madness at the mall? 

No worries. Just wait until the following Monday and you can get ONLINE Black Friday deals on what is newly called “Cyber Monday”

After the holidays, most of our bank accounts are hurting a bit - sales slow down until Spring. 

Gear up for SUMMER. Mark your calendar for Amazon Prime Day and furnish your apartment for half the price! (you can really accomplish any shopping task...I mean, its Amazon.)

Another summer sale worth mentioning is Macy’s “Black Friday in July” sale. You can find expensive brands like Free People, for example, for up to 60% off. If you missed it this year, be sure to mark your calendar for it’s next go-around!

Article written by our amazing summer intern: Peyton Woolworth

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