Top 6 Reasons to Take Summer College Classes
Published May 29th, 2019

For many college students, summer means a time to chill, work odd jobs, sleep in, and relive the glory days of your mom/dad doing your laundry. While that all might sound like butterflies 🦋 and rainbows 🌈 here’s an option you might not have considered for this summer. Two words. Summer School!

Seriously, summer school is amazing. It’s super easy to get caught up or even get ahead! Most of the time teachers are more laid back not only with the class time but the grading as well. Did you get a bad grade in a class you need to get an A or B in? Retake it in the summer and I bet you’ll get that higher grade 📝

Here are some benefits of taking a summer classes for you to consider:

1. Get Ahead

Summer’s a great time to get those random general education classes out of the way, so you have more time to focus on your major or minor during the regular school year. General education classes are typically just about showing up, so summer school is the perfect place to enjoy the heat and still attend class in order to pass without using too much brain power.

2. Catch up on Credits

Did you take too many credits one semester and failed a class or two because of it? Well if you’re behind on credits or need to retake a class, summer is the perfect time to do it. It’s faster and won’t get in the way of your regular course load during the typical school year.

3. Get into Popular Classes

Have you tried over and over again to get into that class of your dreams? Certain popular classes are hard to get into during the regular school year, but guess what? Not during the summer! 

4. Graduate in Less Time

What does taking a class or two during the Summer get you? Well if you take just two classes each summer you'll be able to graduate almost an entire semester early! While everyone else has another semester or more to go, you can take time off to do the things you love, or get a head start on your career. Some might call that last semester after you graduate a semester early as a victory lap 🏁

5. Ghost Town

College towns usually clear out in the summer. 👻 You'll be pleasantly surprised with the high amount of events that still happen during the Summer! You'll make friends and go to events that you normally wouldn't during the school year. Students in summer classes really join forces and work together in and out of the classroom! 

6. Shorter Duration

Summer courses are typically shorter. Rather than being a semester long, they are only about a month long and a half long! So don't think your summer is over if you take summer classes. You'll still have plenty of time for all of those barbecues and fun in the sun activities.

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