Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in College
Published April 2nd, 2019

Earth Day is just around the corner! College students all across the country will be scratching their heads wondering what they can do. Earth Day: the day we give back to the planet and explore the effects we’re having on the environment around us. 

There are plenty of activities you can do on your own, or with a group of friends, and give back to the Earth. Below are some ideas you can do around campus.

1. Working with campus facilities, post signage near green spaces on campus to educate the community on the importance of these spaces and their role in supporting the environment.

2. Design and build a rooftop garden and highlight the benefits of energy conservation and habitat for birds and bees. 

3. The Earth Day Network has a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by 2020 – one tree for every person alive. Roll up your sleeves and get to digging, plus it will be fun to come back years later as an alumni and see the growth! Don’t forget to check out these tree planting tips before you get started.

4. Do a daily trash audit of your dorm room or house and identify items that could have been recycled or reused.

5. Instead of going through mountains of plastic water bottles, make the swap to a reusable bottle. They’ll likely keep your water a lot colder than those plastic bottles.

6. Take off the training wheels and get back on your bicycle. Besides it being good for the environment, you’re also saving some cash on gas and getting in some healthy physical activity. 

7. Organize a restoration project, choosing an existing landscaped area that could be restored with native species or an unused developed area that could be restored back to green space to support campus plants and animals.

8. Working with your campus bookstore, organize a special section right up front that features recycled-content items for students and staff to purchase.

9. Trash clean-ups are another hands-on activity you don’t even have to leave the school grounds to do. Grab a few trash bags and gloves and get to the garbage. Make a game out of it with you friends and see who cam fill up the most garbage bags!

10. If helping the environment is a cause you’re really into, why not spend some more time getting involved with it? College campuses all over offer different types of organizations that are dedicated to being eco-friendly. Browse your school’s club and organization directory and find the best fit for you.

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