The 5 Best Places to Study on Campus
Published May 8th, 2019

These places on campus will help you get in the study zone! Finding a calm and quiet place to study on a college campus can seem impossible. Even if you're lucky enough to use your room without having your roommate barge in, you still might need a change of scenery to mix it up and remove a ton of distractions.

1. The School Library

One of the first things that will blow your mind as a freshman is the fact that the school library is a cool place to be. The high school version of you would never be caught dead in the Library, but in college it’s a hot 🔥 destination. 

The library is the mecca for studying. It’s the quietest place on campus and everyone studying will keep you focused. It’s also a great place to run into fellow classmates and ask questions you might have about an upcoming exam.

2. Coffee Shop

Besides a library, you can also find yourself a nice coffee shop to get your learn on. These types of places can be a great location for studying, specifically if you're a caffeine addict or someone who likes to snack on something while studying. There’s practically a Starbucks on ever corner in America. If big chain coffee shops are not your cup of tea 😉 or too crowded for productive studying expand your search to smaller, non-franchise coffeehouses or ones that operate locally.

3. The Student Union

Almost all campuses have some sort of student union, typically equipped with couches and reclines of all shapes and sizes. USE THEM. The student union isn’t as well known as a study space but it just might become your new favorite spot.

4. Empty Classrooms

This option is not as commonly known. Most students walk past empty classrooms during the day, this means that they are typically fair game! If you come across an empty classroom on your way home after class, or while you’re walking to the library, stop and pull out your books and get to studying.

The worst that will happen is that they will ask you to leave 🤷‍♀️

5. The Laundry Room

Yeah yeah yeah I know it sounds weird. But seriously the laundry room is where it’s at. The laundry room (either for your dorm or your apartment) is usually empty (since nobody in college washes anything). So you’re going to have a quiet time to sit down and run through those notecards again. Plus bonus you’ll get your laundry done! 🧺

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