iFlipd Staff Picks | September
Published September 5th, 2019

With a new month comes a new selection of Staff Picks. Here at iFlipd we really love books šŸ“š and video games šŸŽ®, surprise! These are the books and video games our staff is really into at the moment.

Game | NBA 2K20 - This milestone year of the game has taken it to a whole new level. There's so much more to it now than just playing as the best team. The franchise rookie mode is where I plan on spending hours upon hours and of course building the best player ever. Brock | iFlipd Team


Book | The Four - This book documents very well what the DNA is of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple that makes each of these companies successful. An easy read and very well written with a ton of real employee interviews from each company. Brock | iFlipd Team


Game | Borderlands 3 - For $2 how can you not pre-order Borderlands 3? GUNS WITH LEGS! Rafael | iFlipd Team


Book | Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human - One of the greatest literary critics, Harold Bloom, examines how Shakespeare forever altered our idea of what it means to be human, or at least how we portray it. Big ideas compellingly argued. I'm a pretty casual Shakespeare fan (like I know who Falstaff is but I couldn't tell you which Henry's he shows up in) but I still found a lot to appreciate and chew over in this masterwork. Rafael | iFlipd Team


Game | NHL 20 - Guaranteed slap shots from the blue line, pulling my goalie at the wrong times, illegal hip checks, and winning all the fights. Even if I lose the game but win the fights, I win, right? Jay | iFlipd Team


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