iFlipd Staff Picks | June
Published June 20th, 2019

With a new month comes a new selection of Staff Picks. Here at iFlipd we really love books 📚 and video games 🎮, surprise! These are the books and video games our staff is really into at the moment.

Book | Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World - This story is absolutely insane! If you like global intrigue, financial crime, schemes, and celebrity insider stories this book is for you. Brock | iFlipd Team


Game | Forza Horizon 4 - The gameplay and graphics in this game is truly a piece of art. The details on every car and every track is beyond amazing. If you have a steering wheel and pedal combo the in-car driver view really makes you feel like you're sitting in the driver seat! Brock | iFlipd Team


Book | Cannery Row - To start the summer I decided to keep the fiction run going and re-read a California classic which I hadn’t read since high school. The characters on Cannery Row don’t disappoint and Steinbeck is a master at weaving tales of individuals and the community surrounding them. A quick read with good humor and the full range of the human condition. Galen | iFlipd Team


Game | Fifa 19 - Am I be the best fifa player I know? Certainly not. But I can guarantee at least one red card and that I’ll score on you with my goalie once. Jay | iFlipd Team


Game | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Perfect, classic multiplayer fun, great to sit down with a group of friends any time, any place, and claim those bragging rights as Mario Kart Champion. 👑 Rich | iFlipd Team


Game | Team Sonic Racing - Fans of the previous, also excellent Sonic racing game Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed may miss its innovative car/boat/plane mechanics and resulting wild tracks, but Team Sonic Racing is still zippy, fun, different enough to be interesting, and the only real competition to Mario Kart around. Rafael | iFlipd Team


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