Fall Sports During a Pandemic
Published August 18th, 2020

In normal times, most schools would be back in session by the Tuesday after Labor Day. Campuses buzzing, hallways and lecture rooms full. We’d feel the temperature starting to change and of course, sports would be in full swing. From the playoff push for baseball teams, to the growing anticipation of college sports and professional football. Whelp, it’s safe to say things are a bit different this year.

  • Sure, some things in Baseball haven’t changed; they still play 9 innings (except in covid double-headers), you can count on at least a few Sportscenter Top 10 moments every day, and everyone is still mad at the Astros. But from creative cutouts in the stands to fake stadium noise, it’s just not quite the same as being at the ballpark with a 14 inch hotdog, a cold drink, and some peanuts. Though, in the grand scheme of things, how fortunate are we that we can still watch one of our favorite pastimes from the safety of our couches. As it’s been mentioned before, the pandemic will pass. Fortunately for us, there will always be another season of baseball. 
  • Ah...the NFL. HBO’s coveted series of Hard Knocks returned, and the NFL is right behind it. Games begin September 10 with the Texas and Chiefs facing off. With the United States leading the world in COVID cases, can the NFL return to play safely? We have the NBA and NHL thriving while playing in the bubble, but that’s just not really an option for football with the size of the rosters and travel involved. If the NFL does figure out this out and safely continues, you can watch live network games on CBS All Access*. And even if they don’t you can stream UEFA Champions Football (soccer) live and on-demand on CBS too (plus your Later Show with Stephen Colbert fix). They even have a 25% discount for students. (*sponsored)
  • Where to even begin with College sports? We’ve seen the majority of college conferences cancel and postpone their fall sport, and now games are being played in a truncated season, with covid infections forcing cancellations. NCAA sports and college football in particular, have been a hot topic for quite some time, well before COVID blew the doors wide open. At its essence, College Football is the “minor league” for the NFL… only without the protections of being a professional. How do you feel about football teams living on campus, and not being able to bubble, practicing and traveling to play other schools as coronavirus cases surge? 
  • UPDATE 11/13/20: The Masters: Stream the Third & Final Rounds live Nov 14-15 with CBS All Access. Try it FREE now! The PGA is rescheduling tournaments which were postponed during the pandemic. It’s a relaxing time to tune into watch the world’s best golfers. Though, it would be nice to see the players mask up more on and around the course. Recent UC Berkeley grad Collin Morikawa (23) recently won his first PGA Major at the PGA Championship in San Francisco. If you’re looking for a way to pass a lazy weekend in quarantine, the PGA tour might be for you. And hitting the golf course is a great option for a distanced outing. No shared equipment and plenty of fresh air. 

For many of us sports lovers, it is difficult to fathom an autumn without sports. But for those of you who like to flex your muscles on the virtual gridiron or pitch, iFlipd has you covered with affordable Madden and FIFA games 😉.

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