8 Safety Tips For College Students
Published December 5th, 2018

From the moment you walk on campus your first day to graduation, you should always be smart and be safe. These campus safety tips are a must-read for every college student.

1. Don’t Walk Alone | Walking around alone and in the dark is never a good idea. There might be times that you need to get from place (party) to place (party) which may occur at night, but you should always try to travel in packs or with a friend.

2. Keep Your Room Locked | Just as you wouldn’t leave your house without locking the front door, don’t leave your dorm, greek bedroom, apartment or room without locking up shop! Even if you’re planning on only being gone for one class.

3. Be Alert | Everyone with headphones attached to your iPhone knows – the minute you’re plugged in, you get in a zone. You stare at your phone not aware of your surroundings. This is exactly what you should be avoiding. When you start to find yourself becoming unaware of what’s going on around you is the time you need to consider turning the music down, putting your phone away and opening your eyes to what’s happening around you.

4. Utilize Locks | Locks are for cool kids! If you ride a bike, register it with public transportation at your school. Registering your bike helps improve the likelihood of recovery if stolen. Always use a high-quality, hardened steel lock.

5. Locate The Blue Lights | Blue light phones are devices that are placed around college campuses for students to use when they need assistance or feel unsafe, have an emergency, or witness a crime. Once a call button is pressed, the phone instantly connects the person with a dispatcher at the campus police department. Walking around campus and locating these is a great idea!

6. Don’t Lose Control | Bad things can happen to anyone at any time. But, those who are under the influence of drugs an alcohol can be more vulnerable. If you plan on playing too many games of beer pong make sure you have a friend or two to walk home with.

7. Be Prepared | An alarm or emergency app is a fast and loud way to signal help in case of emergency. Additionally, pepper spray can be purchased fairly cheap and at most locations can be purchased in keychain form.

8. Know Your Path | In addition to paying attention to your surroundings; you should know your surroundings as well. Take time to become familiar with campus, walk around during the day and in between classes. Talk to students and find out what areas you should steer clear of at night.

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