6 Reminders for Adults Going Back to College
Published October 3rd, 2019

If you're an adult considering going back or even just finishing college that you might have started years ago, hats off to you! Going back to college presents a different set of challenges compared to young high school graduates. It’s never too late to start or finish your higher education.

1. Create a Finish Line
Having a clear goal in college is crucial, being an adult and having a clear goal is 10x more crucial. Most adults going back to college are not going “just because”. The majority of the time an adult goes back to school is to get a specific degree or certification. Establish that finish line and go full speed ahead until you cross it!

2. Plan your Schedule
As an adult every minute of your day is important. More than likely you'll be juggling a family, job, cooking meals, running a kid to soccer practice, and who knows what else! Speak with your academic advisor about your schedule and understand the amount of time you’ll have to devote to study and class.

3. Get your Money Straight
One thing about college will never change. The cash moola it takes to attend! If you have children, this may include additional costs for childcare and paying that babysitter for a few extra hours each week. Be sure to budget accordingly. Speak with admissions to see if you qualify for any scholarships or financial aid to assist with paying for school. If necessary, take advantage of loan comparison resources like Simple Tuition. Think about getting part time work—the gig economy offers a ton of options that allow you to set your own schedule—like being a Door Dash Delivery Driver. When it comes to textbooks, be smart and only pay for what you need by renting your textbooks by the week from iFlipd.com.

4. Leverage your Network
At this point in life you’ve met a ton of people. Use it to your advantage of you current network! Life experience and jobs teaches you lessons that cannot be learned in school. Use this to your advantage and apply these life lessons to your new academia adventurers.

5. Be Real
Don't kid yourself - haha literally! You're an adult not a kid. If you haven’t been to school in a while, it’s reasonable to assume it’ll take some time to get into the swing of things. You may be setting yourself up for disappointment by expecting to hit the ground running full steam ahead. And don't hesitate to get help! Check out affordable tutoring options like Varsity Tutors.

6. Have Positivity
Going back to school is a huge life decision. Education at any stage in life is always a good idea. You will look back on this period of your life one day and smile. Stay positive, it's not going to be easy and but being negative about your reasoning for going back to school will only make life harder. Life is journey so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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