5 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games
Published July 2nd, 2019

Want to make money playing video games? 🎮 It’s a dream of many people who pick up a controller every day. 

We're here to let you know that while that sounds like a dream job and we hate to break it you, but......it's totally possible!

Here’s a few ways how you can make money playing video games and streaming.

1. Video Game Tournaments

Video games often develop a cult-like following, and as expected they can become extremely competitive. The competitiveness leads to large tournaments, and that leads to winners, and winning equals cash moolah 💰. It's not the same as a constant 9-5 job, but if you have the skill to engage in ongoing tournaments, the prizes can be quite large. Plus you're getting paid to do what you would normally be doing for zero pay!

One big example is Call of Duty. Thousands and thousands of people play this game, but for some reason year after year it seems to remain at the top of the tournaments and has some very large cash payouts ranging anywhere from $1,000 - $1,000,000!

2. Beta Tester

Every video game needs to go through an initial beta testing before it hits the shelves. This is yet another way to earn some extra cash. But fair warning you probably won't be working with the most popular video games. Instead, it'll be ones that haven't hit the market yet and might not ever be mainstream.

You may find some of the games you're working with aren't the next big Fortnite, or they may have some serious bugs. But that's why companies look for people like you to test them out first. Your job will be to identify bugs 👾 or improve the gamer experience.

One surprising upside of becoming a beta tester is that you can make a lot of money doing it! The hard part is finding companies who will hire you especially now that beta testers are more well known and have plenty of applicants to choose from. In order to increase your odds, develop a strong social media presence and that might help you stand out and get noticed by video game companies. 

3. Video Game Reviewer

If you don't play just one type of game and have an interest in many different categories, you can earn money by becoming a video game reviewer. This is similar to blogging or vlogging in fact, which in turn you could create you own channel about reviewing while you do the actual review. Sound confusing? It's really not that hard to get started! You can also do it through YouTube ▶️ or on popular selling sites like eBay.

The basic idea is to become an industry leading review source of video games. As you build up a loyal following, people will turn to you when the decision comes to buy a game or not. 

There's no guaranteed salary from video game reviews. It depends on the popularity of your site or videos because most of your income will come as advertising. Youtube has some decent payouts and some companies are willing to pay some big bucks or at least give you free product for mentions them in your review. If you're able to grow your audience into the thousands, you may get video game companies advertising directly.

4. Twitch Streamer

Twitch is a streaming platform where you can earn money through your subscribers. Most of the streams involve video games, whether it's games like Fortnite or something that is played online like League of Legends.

If you get your subscriber count up and have a lot of views, you can get sponsorships and giveaway opportunities as well. Some of the top Twitch streamers do this full-time and the income opportunities are there. The top 10 Twitch steamers earn more $20/mil a year between them!

You can also post those Twitch videos to Youtube as an additional revenue source and grow that channel from the same content. It's double the bang for your buck.

5. Customer Service

If you're a seasoned gamer, with time spent behind the controller playing dozens of different video games, you may be able to use those skills to help others and while making some cash. This path is similar to working on the at the help desk for companies that provide video games.

You can sometimes find these positions by contacting the manufacturers or distributors of video games themselves. Do you research on your favorite video game company and reach out to contact you can find on their support website and eventually you'll get pointed in the right direction.

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