5 Tips to Start College off Right
Published August 15th, 2019

The start of the school year brings a fresh start and new opportunities. Even if you’re a seasoned college student, there’s something special in the air about heading back to school. Unless you've gone to college it's a feeling that can't really be explained.

1. Don't Skip Day One

To some, this may seem like an obvious no-duh statement, but you’d be surprised at how many college students skip the first class. Students assume that since they will mostly be making introductions and going over the syllabus, there’s no need to attend class.

If all you have to do is show up to make a good impression and get things rolling, you have a pretty easy job. Half of the work in college is just showing up!

2. Open your Mind

When you’re deciding if you're going to drop a class or not, stay open to learning what the class will be about, even if it’s not exactly what you expected or find it related to your major. If the class still counts towards consider taking it as it will expand your knowledge in other areas aside from just your major.

3. Organize that Planner

This is the biggest piece of advice that will benefit every college student. Get yourself a planner or planner app! Being organized in college with either make or break you. You'll soon find out that your days fill up fast and can get overwhelming easily. Find a planner or app that allows you to plan a week ahead at a time.

4. Minimize Distractions

Determine an amount of time you want to devote your attention to a project or assignment. An hour is usually a good chunk. Set a timer and hand your phone over to your roommate or study friends so you're not distracted to pick it up. Listen to music while you study but just background music, nothing that might take your mind away from the tasks at hand.

5. Start Saving

While the idea of money management may seem difficult, it's really not. It's like any other thing in life, you learn it through experience. No matter the amount, you can start practicing now. Then when you have more of it, you'll already have good money habits in place.

You could live day to day, allowing the demands of the present to swallow up your money and time, or you could try something different. Money can be a tool. Manage it correctly and it can reduce the stress in your life. As you plan for the expected, and even the unexpected, expenses don't have to be scary obstacles.

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