5 Boys/Girls You Will Meet in College
Published October 21st, 2019

There are many different types of college boys/girls, but you'll laugh thinking about which category they fit in.


The Smarty Pants

This boy came to college strictly for one thing only, an education. You tried studying with him once but he glared at you when you played music or you responded to a text. You did however get an A on that homework assignment!

The Frat Star

This boy is the complete opposite of the Smart pants. He came to college to do one thing only as well, to party! On the weekend the you feel like socializing he's one of the first people you call to see what's happening that night. But when you're talking about a class or discussing your gpa this boy's can't even hold a conversation. It’s not even 100% confirmed that he actually goes to school here.

The Rico Suave

This boy is the equivalent to a magician. He somehow sweet talks his way with every girl he’s met. He's the boy every girl talks negatively about but once he starts talking to them they fall head over heels. He's the all around package but usually he's never satisfied with the same girl for too long.

The Nice Boy

This boy is the one you want in your corner. He is so funny and a blast to be around, and not a single soul could ever say anything bad about him. He's like a brother to you and everyone loves being in his presence. Need a go-to-date for formal? You hit him up with no awkwardness.

The Gym Bro

This boy has time for school, girls, or parties. His eyes are on protein powder, creatine and curls. Maybe he was small in high school and suddenly college hit and putting on muscle mass started to come easy, so he took full advantage! The boy is usually pretty judgey about not only his own personal appearance and looking in every mirror he walks by but also the appearances of his friends. 


The Basic Girl

This is your average college girl, she is a fan favorite and adored by many of her peers. She attends football games and doesn't study much but still gets good grades and has a great social life. This girl's outfits consist of wearing sweaters, flannels, leggings, and of course college gear. You will find this girl at a coffee shop ordering a pumpkin spice latte and taking instagram pictures in a big piles leaves with a caption something along the lines of "I'm falling for you Fall."

The Party Animal

Proceed with caution, this girl is straight up wild. She does not care what others think of her and if you look up the word Savage in the dictionary you'll find her name next to it. Party on a Monday, this girl is there. Party on Tuesday, she's down! Party on ........, you get the point this girl will puke and rally like a rockstar.

The Clinger

This girl is the one who spends every possible second with her boyfriend. She is always looking lovestruck and giddy. In addition, she might already live with her boyfriend and skip social outings to play in the bedroom with him all night. She is always hugging or kissing her boyfriend and don't you dare tell her that college relationships never make it because that year after college she'll have a ring on her finger.

The Genius

This girl came to college to put in hard work! She is also thinking of getting a Ph.D. and will most likely become a doctor, a lawyer or who knows maybe an astronaut. She knows it all and the library is where she spends her Friday nights. During lectures, she is the one that asks questions that even the professor has trouble answering.

The Glow Up

This is the girl who had the "One Summer" right before college started. She didn't have a lot of attention from boys in high school but since her glow up she is beyond naturally gorgeous and every guy wants to date her. She was maybe that friend in high school that was little bit nerdy and still lacks some social skills but now you want to be just like her. Revenge of the Nerds!

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