4 Advantages of Joining a Fraternity/Sorority in College
Published June 27th, 2019

Packing up and adventuring to college is one of the biggest decision of your adult life. You’ll be away from the comforts of your home in a brand new city without knowing many (if any) people and your parents won't be there to help. Need to wash your laundry? Cook your meals? Make your bed? Yup, it's all on you now!

As you head out on campus the first time and get to know a few people there's one very common question you'Il hear over and over the first few weeks at college. "Are you going Greek?" I'm sure you've heard all sorts of things about greek life by now and might be wondering what is it really all about aside from the themed parties? (Which are a blast by the way).

Joining a Fraternity/Sorority is a way to expand your college experience and make your daily life a lot more fun and fulfilling, especially your freshman year. But we know what you’re thinking: what good reasons are there to join a Fraternity/Sorority aside from the social events? 

1. Networking is Easier 👥

  • The Greek system is a well-bonded community that can help you make connections through your fellow sorority/fraternity members. 
  • Your fraternity or sorority is an outlet for you to reach out to alumni all around the country, no matter if they went to the same school as you or not. 
  • Finding a job is easier when you’re in the Greek Community. Why? Because you know SO many people!

2. You Make Life-long Friends 🤞

  • Being in a fraternity or a sorority is a special process that puts you with people who most likely have the same interests, values, and overall lifestyle as you. It makes the search for your best friend that much easier. 

3. You Give back to the Community 🌎

  • Finding time to volunteer ends up being difficult to pencil into your busy schedule. The Greek system is greatly based on philanthropy and fundraising, so being in a fraternity or sorority will automatically give you the chance to give back to the community, and even better, you get to do it with your best friends!

4. Personal Growth 💪

  • A fraternity or sorority experience is meant to shape you into a professional, classy, and respected adult that is ready to take on the real world! The experience will advance your social skills and much more.

Greek life has so many things to offer and your opportunities are endless, so don't miss out!

Article written by our amazing summer intern: Peyton Woolworth

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