3 Summer Applications Every College Student Should Fill Out
Published June 17th, 2019

Summer is finally here! While school is likely the last thing on your mind, you should still make it a priority to fill out these three applications for college.

Whether you’re a college-bound high school grad or already in college and home for summer break, here are the three most important applications you should fill out this summer.

Job Application

Guess what? Life is not cheap, especially college. The number one most important application a college student can fill out is yup you guessed it, a job application! Did you find yourself digging through your pockets or begging your parents for a few extra bucks during the school year? Well, while school is out for the summer, find a job. 

Summer is the one time of the year where you don’t have to juggle your course load and social events. You can literally work endless hours and fill your piggybank for the school year. 

For those looking for a summertime gig, the following jobs have been longtime go-tos for many college students: Lifeguard, Nanny, Camp Counselor, Sales Associates, and Food Server.

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FAFSA Application

If you’re getting read to journey to college, or currently in college, and haven’t filled out the FAFSA for the 2019–2020 school year, then drop everything and get going!

Go to FAFSA.gov to find the form.

Colleges use the FAFSA to determine how much money to offer students through scholarships, grants, and student loans.

Although it has a really bad rep for being really confusing, the FAFSA application is inot that bad. Those old perceptions are outdated. It should takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Every student should fill one of these out, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

There’s no income cutoff to be eligible for aid, and you won’t know how much aid you can even receive unless you try.

Scholarship Application

The FAFSA application isn’t the only way to get scholarships. There are hundreds of scholarships available to all types students (getting good grades, first generation college student, being a member of a minority group, and many more).

There are a lot of scholarships out there, particularly if you start their search today! Otherwise, the longer you delay beginning your search, the less money there is available. Hurry!

collegescholarhsip.org has a very extensive list.

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