14 Lovely Ways to Spend Valentine's Day Single
Published February 10th, 2019

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to spend your day sad and eating a gallon of ice cream, unless you really enjoy ice cream then dig in! Valentine’s Day isn’t only about dating, dinners, chocolate and roses. Valentine’s Day is also a day to celebrate all of the loving relationships in your life, from friends to family. Here are 14 ways to enjoy yourself on the 14th:

1. Do a secret Valentine’s Day exchange with your other fellow single friends. Put everyone's name into a bowl and have flowers delivered, buy them a movie or whip up meal for your pick.

2. Handing out valentines to your friends, classmates, siblings or co-workers can be a lot of fun and a great way to make someone feel good.

3. If you’re of age one of the best party nights of the year is Valentine’s Day. Find a pack of friends or go solo and tear up the town. You’ll be surprised how much fun you have and you’ll also realize a ton of people are in the same situation as yourself!

4. Treat yourself! Splurge a little bit on something you’ve had your eye on. Pamper yourself for the day. Indulge in your favorite meal. Binge watch some serious Netflix. Take a bubble bath. Do something that puts a smile on your face!

5. Go back in the memory vault and think about your first Valentine’s Day. More than likely when you were a child either your Mom or Dad was your first Valentine. Spend this day doing something for them for a change! Happy tears will more than like occur.

6. Host a single and mingle dinner party. Invite all your favorite single people and cheers to your independence! 

7. Laughter is the best medicine. Go to a comedy show. Or stream one of the latest comedy specials on Netflix.

8. Destination you. Plan a Valentine's Day escape and getaway with a friend or family member. 

9. If you’re feeling a certain type of way hop on a dating App. Millions flock to apps like Tinder and Bumble on Valentine’s Day. Striking up a conversation on this day is probably the easiest of the entire year.

10. Catch some Zzzzs. Get all caught up on some sleep and go to bed early. You’ll wake up the day after Valentine’s Day feeling you could take over the world!

11. Book a couples massage with your best friend or a family member.

12. Go full head turn status! Turn it up a notch and put on something that you feel good in that you know you get a lot of compliments on. Strut your stuff around campus with some friends and embrace in your freedom!

13. Go on a new local adventure. Head to an area of town that you aren't too familiar with. Walk up and down the streets, enjoy a cappuccino at the hip cafe, and browse the racks of a stylish boutique.

14. Unconditional four legged friends. If you need some unconditional love, dogs are the way to go! If you or your parents don’t have a dog drive on down to the local animal shelter and pet away. 

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