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iFlipd Brand Ambassador

iFlipd Brand Ambassador

iFlipd is hiring a Campus Ambassador!

Join the iFlipd team and help promote a revolutionary textbook renting service to help combat the financial burden of college! You’ll be the face of the brand on-campus and will share how iFlipd works with your fellow students: Rent your textbooks as needed, finance your books throughout the semester, and most of all how it can help save money, allowing students to make the most of their college experience!

What we want from you:

  • Excitement: The idea of saving money is a premise you can get behind, I mean, who doesn’t want to save money??  You know that the price of textbooks causes headaches every semester when you receive your book list for each course. You want to go out and spread the word that there is, in fact, an alternative to what seems to be a monopoly in the textbook industry.
  • Self Starter: You don’t need someone to light a fire under you. You possess the ability to accomplish goals that you set for yourself. You’re realistic that not everyone you meet will agree with you, but you don’t let that discourage you. 
  • Sociable: Obviously every person is different, you’re able to understand and speak with people regardless of their background. 


  • Needless to say, to be a campus ambassador, you must be a current student.
  • You want real life, professional experience. Padding your resume is every bit as important as school. 
  • You’re hardworking and reliable. You genuinely care about iFlipd and sharing it with other students. You know that how much money you can make is entirely up to you and your work ethic.
  • You’re a communicator. You must be able to communicate with other students - but also with us here at iFlipd. We want to hear from you, what can we do to help you? Let us know! We’re always keen for ideas and being that you’re the eyes and ears on campus, we want to learn from you, too! 
  • You know the college demographic. I mean, this goes without saying, you’re in college! But just reading this, you get excited knowing exactly where to go to get people to sign-up for iFlipd. You have groups and individuals in mind who you know would flip out over iFlipd.