Wastewater and Public Health: Bacterial and Pharmaceutical Exposures

Wastewater and Public Health: Bacterial and Pharmaceutical Exposures

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Book Description

This compendium volume is an indispensable source of information on the ways in which wastewater can impact public health. The editor, a well-respected expert in his field, has collected the most recent and pertinent investigations into this serious issue.

Included are studies involving:

• The presence of various human enteric viruses in wastewater, which reach the public through drinking and daily use water, agriculture, and through fishing waters

• Antibiotic resistance produced by genetic changes in wastewater bacterial communities, affecting both human and animal health

• The presence of antidepressants in water consumed by the public

• Possible methods of treatment for removing bacteria and pharmaceuticals from wastewater

This threat to public health calls urgently for the development of new treatment technologies. The research in this volume provides state-of-the-art information about recent advances in wastewater treatment and it points the way toward future productive research. Civil engineers, graduate-level research students, and scientific research labs will all find valuable information.