Engineering Statics 3rd Edition

Engineering Statics 3rd Edition

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Book Description

Engineering Statics is a fundamentals textbook which serves as the building blocks for future courses in engineering, in particular mechanics of solids. Engineering Statics explains the material in a clear fashion and applies the material to everyday use giving engineering students a strong foundation to build from and a better retention of knowledge. The author has used his many years of experience teaching and his own research in this area to develop this textbook.

Engineering Statics is distinct in that it resolves the areas that some of the most popular Statics textbooks fail. These areas include: a lack of or overemphasis on the role of vectors in analyzing structures, a lack of physical feel due to an emphasis on structural problems, and a lack of systematic approach for analyzing statically indeterminate structures. It was with the author's insight into these shortcomings and an understanding of various teaching instruments that this book was created.

New to the third edition:

The third edition of Engineering Statics contains several important enhancements. This textbook now features a greater discussion of every topic. Fifty pages of additional material are focused on showing how everyday situations are illustrations of Statics concepts. Selected exercises have been formatted in Excel™ and are included on an enclosed CD. Answers selected problems are now shown in the back of the book, and color versions of the graphics have been included on the enclosed CD. The instructor resources for this book have also been updated and greatly expanded.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Position and Force Vectors
3. Equilibrium of a Particle
4. The Moment Vector
5. Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
6. Structural Analysis
7. Shear Forces and Bending Moments
8. The Centroid and the Moment of Inertia