Handbook of Online Learning

Handbook of Online Learning

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Book Description

This is a revision of the Handbook of Online Learning. It is a comprehensive reference text for teachers and administrators of online courses and programs. It presents a discussion of the conceptual and theoretical foundations of online learning along with an exploration of practical implementation strategies. 
Features (Strengths of the current Handbook)

  • The most comprehensive reference text available for teachers and administrators of online courses and programs
  • Emphasis on interactive teaching/learning strategies – challenging people to think differently about pedagogy
  • Provides a strong theoretical base before discussing applications. Part I first presents the changing philosophies and theories of learning. Part II covers implementation or the practice of online learning.
  • Several chapters deal with the issues related to the growing corporate online learning environment

New to this edition:

  • Twelve new articles on the latest issues including topics such as psychology of online learning, training faculty, digital libraries, ethical dimensions in online learning, legal issues, course management systems and evolving technologies
  • Ten key articles retained from current edition are revised and updated to reflect current trends and changes in the field
  • All contributors to the first edition were from the Fielding Institute, the second edition reaches beyond to scholars from other institutions for a more diverse collection