Field Guide to Optical Thin Films (SPIE Vol. FG07)

Field Guide to Optical Thin Films (SPIE Vol. FG07)

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Book Description

This guide covers the principles and applications of various useful graphical tools and methods for optical coating design, including the reflectance diagram, admittance diagram, and triangle diagram. These tools give insight into how optical coatings function and how they might be designed to meet given requirements. Shown are how unavailable indices can be approximated, the basis of ideal antireflection coating design, and the practical approximation of inhomogeneous index profiles.


- Glossary
- Fundamentals of Thin Film Optics
- Graphics for Visualization of Coating Behavior
- Behavior of Some Simple AR Coating Types
- Index of Refraction Simulations and Approximations
- The QWOT Stack, a Coating Building Block
- Coatings at Non-Normal Angles of Incidence
- Coatings with Absorption
- Understanding Behavior and Estimating a Coating's Potential
- Insight Gained from Hypothetical Cases
- Possibility of Synthesizing Designs
- Designing Various Types of Coatings
- Appendix
- Bibliography
- Index