Therapeutic Interaction in Nursing

Therapeutic Interaction in Nursing

By Christine Williams

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Book Description

Optimize Patient Outcomes with Effective Communication!

Nurses communicate with a diverse client group in their everyday practice. Each day is fraught with communication challenges from a patient, a family member, a colleague, or a supervisor. Excellence in nursing care requires the ability to instantly respond to an emotion-charged moment with a therapeutic use of one's self, by way of effective verbal and non-verbal communication. The Second Edition of Therapeutic Interaction in Nursing provides an advanced theoretical explanation of therapeutic communication for the nurse and nursing student when encountering problematic situations.

Unique knowledge and skills are necessary for both the student and professional as they encounter challenges in their daily interactions with a variety of individuals, including the patient with a psychiatric illness, the cognitively impaired patient, children, the critically ill, or the patient on a ventilator.

This multifaceted text not only provides the skill development required to communicate therapeutically in these difficult situations, it offers communication strategies and self-awareness exercises that will assist in the inner growth necessary to develop effective outer behavior.

New Chapters in the Second Edition:

Chapter 6: Communicating with Families
Chapter 8: Communicating with Older Adults
Chapter 12: Communicating with Laboring Women
Chapter 13: Communicating at Times of Loss and Grief
Chapter 14: Health Literacy and Communication