Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

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Book Description

Solve your traffic troubles and turn browsers into buyers

When web design expert Ben Hunt set out to quantify thedifference between an ordinary web site and a great one, heexpected to find the key in design simplicity. But when his teammore than doubled the conversion rates for a wide range of sites,they identified simple yet powerful solutions involving design,copy, appropriate analysis, classic optimization techniques, andtargeted testing. You'll find the fixes easy to implement, andthey're all right here.

  • Understand the essentials - your market, yourproposition, and your delivery.
  • Create a site that is seen by the right people, providesa compelling experience, and generates the desired action.
  • Learn how to use testing to improve your site'sconversion rate.
  • Discover the holistic nature of web site optimizationand why multiplicity matters.
  • Examine dozens of simple techniques for buildingtraffic, engaging your audience, and crafting effective calls toaction.
  • Combine creativity with analysis for the bestpossible results.

Ben Hunt is Principal Consultant for Scratchmedia Ltd. Heoperates, which provides tutorials andadvice to over 120,000 web developers each month. Ben has beendesigning, coding, and producing web sites for clients worldwidefor more than 15 years, and is considered a leader in the webusability industry.

Forewords by Ken McCarthy, founder of the System Seminar,and Drayton Bird, Drayton Bird Associates.