Engineering Your Future: Comprehensive Introduction to Engineering, 2009-2010 Edition

Engineering Your Future: Comprehensive Introduction to Engineering, 2009-2010 Edition

Oxford University Press
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Book Description

Students cannot make an educated decision about what career to pursue without adequate information. This Comprehensive Version from the Engineering Your Future series provides a broad introduction to the study and practice of engineering. It presents vital information in an interesting and easy-to-read manner.

New to the 2009-2010 Edition:

* Updated Statistical Information
* Updated Examples and References

New to the Sixth Edition:

* Fully Updated Graduation, Employment, and Salary Statistics Data
* Updated Graphical Communication Chapter

Changes made in the Fourth and Fifth Editions:

* Upgraded Computer Tools Chapter
* New Project Management Chapter
* New, brief, 3-page PowerPoint Tutorial
* Improved Technical Communications Chapter including new Oral Communications material
* Revised Graphics chapter with improved art
* Revised Engineering Fundamentals Chapters with some material re-adjusted to precise introductory level

Engineering Your Future has been developed with the following goals and objectives:

* To introduce students to the broad spectrum of the engineering profession.
* To encourage students to explore the challenges, problems, issues, and functions of the various engineering fields.
* To provide students with a perspective of the necessary written and oral communication skills used by engineers.
* To introduce students to the professional character and ethical responsibility of engineers.
* To provide students with an awareness of historic engineering developments and their impact on society.
* To introduce students to the global scope of the present-day engineering community.
* To present problem solving skills that will aid in the success of students in the classroom.
* To assist students in applying common computer software, useful in their studies.
* To introduce students to a design methodology for use in subsequent design courses.
* To provide students with the latest statistics relative to the engineering community.

Most engineering colleges offer a freshman course that introduces students to the profession. There is a problem, however: no two courses seem to cover the same topics. There is usually significant overlap, but each course covers many topics that are different from those contained in the several books typically available. This Comprehensive Version from our Engineering Your Future series covers more topics than any other introductory text.

The primary objective of the authors in developing this book is to provide a text that allows a wide variety of material to be considered for selection in the freshman engineering course. The idea is that only a subset of the topics presented would be selected for a given course. The many topics included allow for wide latitude in course development.

The text contains examples within each chapter and assignments afterwards. The assignments include a collection of numerical, writing, and hands-on exercises. The goal is to encourage students to become familiar with the material being presented and, in some cases, to do further exploration.

There are four versions of Engineering Your Future in the series to meet a wide variety of course needs: Problem-Oriented, Short Course, Comprehensive, and A Brief Student's Guide.