Step Forward 2E Level 2 Student Book and Workbook Pack: Standards-based language learning for work and academic readiness

Step Forward 2E Level 2 Student Book and Workbook Pack: Standards-based language learning for work and academic readiness

By Ingrid Wisniewska

Oxford University Press
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Book Description

The Step Forward Student Book and Workbook Pack provides learners with the complete package of Step Forward content. The Student Book incorporates all of the skills learners need to pursue a career or educational program in the USA and the Workbook offers additional practice for every lesson in the student book and reinforces what students have learned in class. The Step Forward Second Edition series provides the essential language, skills and rigorous content that adult English language learners need to move confidently toward their work and academic goals.

An access code for the Oxford English Vocabulary Trainer app comes with the pack, allowing students to download the Step Forward wordlist to practice course-specific vocabulary. The app provides engaging and gamified practice with personalized, intelligent feedback. Newly revised to align with the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCR) and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELP), Step Forward ensures that learners are well prepared to use their English in the real world.

· The Student Book includes one-page 'At Work' sections in every unit that build the essential skills students need in the workplace and 'Everyday Conversation' lessons, which focus on the functional English that students need
· The Workbook's content includes 'Another Look' pages, which revisit the unit vocabulary, and 'Do the Math' exercised, which give students the skills they need to be ready for work
· Designed to meet the needs of multilevel classes, the full suite of easy-to-use resources in Step Forward include tests, lesson plans, multilevel activities and opportunities for self-assessment
· Step-by-step writing instruction offers clear models and strategies for adults learning English as a foreign language for life, college or career
· Content is appropriate for low-beginning to low-intermediate English as a second language (ESL) learners and English language teaching (ELT) profess