The Times History of Britain's Railways: From 1603 to the Present Day

The Times History of Britain's Railways: From 1603 to the Present Day

By Julian Holland

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Book Description

Follow the development, decline, and later revival of Britain’s iconic railways with bestselling railway author Julian Holland. Discover their remarkable history through expert commentary, stunning photographs, and archive material from a lifetime of railway research. The iconic railways of Britain have seen unprecedented change and innovation in just a few hundred years, shaping Britain’s industry, society, and transport system along the way. Discover the historic events that have shaped Britain’s railways.

Highlights include:
• 1604: The beginnings of the railways—Wollaton Waggonway opens in Nottinghamshire
• 1830: Britain becomes connected—the world’s first inter-city railway, the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, opens
• 1938: A world leader in train travel—the LNER ‘A4’ ‘Mallard’ sets a still unbroken world speed record for steam locomotives
• 1963: ‘Beeching Report’ published—marked the death sentence for many rural lines
• 2015: Borders Railway reopens between Edinburgh and Tweedbank—marks a modern-day revival for the railways