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Keep the games and books you want and return the rest whenever. No fees, no worries.

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Earn points everytime you rent. Redeem for iFlipd credit or cash to your favorite stores.

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Games are just $2 per week! Try any game and return any time. Or, keep the game and own it for the regular list price. No buyout fees, no worries. Plus, free shipping both ways! Earn 10 reward points per game per week. Redeem for cash to your favorite stores.

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  • Weekly video game rentals without any inflation or price hike?!?! Insane! Choose the game you want, rent it on a week by week basis and send it back anytime or keep it and just finish paying off the game as the weeks roll by.
    Christopher M.
Excellent, speedy customer service that replies in minutes.
(and an awesome gif collection 😂)

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