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Millions of Textbooks

iFlipd carries the most popular college textbooks and the latest editions in eBook and Printed formats. You can even get some titles with eBook and Print bundled together for one low price.

Rent & Read

Break the price into small weekly payments ranging from $2 - $35 per week. Read eBooks on any device. Free shipping on printed books and returns for free!

Earn rewards

Earn points for every rental! Points can be exchanged for great stuff from awesome brands in our rewards hub or you can earn enough points to get discounts on future rentals.

What students are saying!

Less money for texbooks. More money for everything else!

iFlipd is a great way for college students to save money on these ridiculous textbooks prices as well as earning points for free rentals. Great concept and I'm looking forward to using iFlipd while I'm in college.

Andreas UCLA

I love this idea so much! I've had classes that only use the textbook for the first few weeks and the final. I will absolutely keep using iFlipd!

Melissa University of West Florida

Such a great idea. Many of my classes require just a chapter or two from one book and we have to get the whole book for that. Renting a book for just a week saves me so much money.

Keshar New York University

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