Kati Radziwon

CEO, Founder

For Kati the decision to launch iFlipd was simple: she loves books, but couldn't find good venues in which to explore and share them online. A former tech executive with a luxury retailer, Kati has also built her own successful photography business in Portland, Oregon. Her secret to running a startup while raising three boys? She can text with her toes.

Keith Bristol


A seasoned general manager and product executive who loves to build powerful teams and game-changing products. A former VP of Product Innovation at UsingMiles.com (sold Nov 2013) and Director of Technology Services at eBags.com

Kevin Merritt


Step inside iFlipd, and you'll see Kevin's handiwork everywhere. As founder of One Foot, a Brooklyn-based production company specializing in television and live events (and a former birthday-party magician) he brings a mix of tech and theatrical skills to the iFlipd interface. But don't ask him why he owns an ambulance.

Michael Palgon

Head of Publishing

Meet iFlipd's Book Guru. After 24 years Michael recently left mega-publisher Random House, where he served as EVP and Deputy Publisher. While he's crazy for books, he's expressed serious misgivings about chihuahuas. In his spare time, Michael enjoys baking. And he's a practitioner of Bikram Yoga. Coincidence?