iFlipd Scholarship Winners

As part of our ongoing effort to make textbooks affordable for students, iFlipd gives scholarships and other giveaways from time to time. On this page you'll find the names of our lucky winners. 


Jaimi Melville

Jaimi won our $500 textbook scholarship in October 2017. She is finishing up her degree in nursing at Montana State University in Bozeman. She is working as an at-home care attendant to support herself through school, and in her "free time" she does weightlifting, boxing and working/riding horses at a local ranch. 

Kaitlyn Hoyt

Kaitlyn won our combined contest with Student Universe, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and COED Media at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, CA in 2016. She received $250 in textbook credit, $250 in travel credit, $250 to spend at BBB, and $250 cash. Kaitlyn is the Lansing DECA President.


Future winner

Coming soon...