Q: What is iFlipd?

A: As a Student, iFlipd saves you a lot of money on eTextbooks. It also gives you the flexibility of reading on any device, and taking notes directly in the reader. As a Professor or Instructional Designer, iFlipd gives you an easy platform to find content, upload your own, and easily push it out to your students. All this with the benefit of saving your students money.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: You can rent eTextbooks for just $2 to $20 per week, which gives you access to that book for a seven day period. Alternatively, if a title you need has been “flipd” (returned early) by someone else, you can pick up up the remaining days for half price. There are never any monthly subscription fees!

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Q: So, I can rent e-Textbooks using iFlipd?

A: Yes! iFlipd uses a pay-­as­-you­-go model, which means you can rent digital textbooks for seven days at a time for a flat fee. If you need to keep the book longer than a week, that's fine too! The rental automatically renews and you'll keep access to it for an additional seven days. After you pass that test, just flip it back. Need it again to study for the final later in the semester? Just pick it up and all of your bookmarks and notes will be there. If you rent the eBook enough times that the unlimited access price of the book is reached, it's yours to keep.


Q: What is "flipping?" How do I flip an e-Book?

A: Flipping is how you share the book with other students and get rewards towards free books. If you rent the book for a week but only need it for a few days, you can flip it back early, and someone else can pick up the remaining days for half price.


Q: How do I pick up a 'flipd' book?

A: Simple! Search all flips and pick it up for half­price ($1 to $10). The days remaining on the book are shown in the top corner.



A: Get them: At iFlipd, points are like currency. You earn them by (1) getting your friends to sign­up with your referral code, (2) flipping your eTextbooks. Each time you get someone to sign up you get 100 points. When you flip a book, you receive the same number of points as days remaining on the rental. For example: You have a 7 day rental, flip it back after 3 days, then you get 4 points.

A: Use them: You can use the points to rent books. 100 points = a free rental week (up to a $15 value). Points can only be used on a single book for first week. You cannot combine points to get multiple free weeks on a single book.


Q: Can I buy e-Textbooks on iFlipd?

A: Absolutely. If you want unlimited access to a book, just keep it, and when the weekly rentals total the list price, it’s yours! You’ll never be charged more than the list price. Your textbook is always available in the iFlipd cloud, so you can download and read it again and again ­ as often as you'd like.


Q: Can kids use iFlipd?

A: Sure! While we focus mostly on college level content, we have some excellent childhood development and kid­focused content. It’s the perfect fit for kids and University students alike.


Q: What is iFlipd's refund policy?

A: We guarantee that you'll have access to the book that you order, though we do not offer refunds after a purchase has been made. We want you to love reading on iFlipd, and we are nice people, so if you believe your issue deserves special consideration, tell us about it.