What is iFlipd?

As a Student, iFlipd saves you a lot of money on Print and eBook textbooks by allowing you to make weekly payments vs paying for expensive textbooks up front. We simply lower the barrier to entry for expensive textbooks. Our eBook option gives you the flexibility of reading on any device, and taking notes directly in the reader.

As a Professor or Instructional Designer, iFlipd gives you an easy platform to find content, upload your own, and easily push it out to your students. All this with the benefit of saving your students money.

How much does it cost?

Print BooksDigital Books / Access Cards / Video Games
Book PriceRental PriceBook PriceRental Price
Under $30$5 per weekUnder $10$2 per week
$31 to $50$10 per week$20 to $50$5 per week
$51 to $75$15 per week$51 to $100$10 per week
$76 to $100$20 per week$101 to $150$15 per week
$101 to $150$25 per week$151 to $100$20 per week
$151 to $200$30 per week$200+$35 per week
$200+$35 per week

So, I can rent eBooks or printed textbooks using iFlipd?

Yep! iFlipd uses a pay-as-you-go model on both eBooks and Print books, which means you can rent textbooks for seven days at a time for a flat fee. The rental automatically renews every seven days even days until you return the book, or reach the designated number of “weeks to own” shown for each book. It’s the ultimate in rental flexibility. Rent any book for any amount of time, and never pay more than the list price.

What forms of payment does iFlipd accept?

We currently accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. We may occasionally ask for multiple forms of payment so we have a back-up payment method on file should fund run low in one of your accounts. Your weekly charges will show up as a weekly payment to BT’IFLIPD.COM. If you are using your parent’s credit card, you may want to alert them that there will be a small charge each week coming from BT’IFLIPD.COM

How am I billed?

The rental fee is based on the price per week shown for the book, and recurs weekly until either the book is returned according to your account return process, or the weeks-to-own shown for the book is reached. If you keep the book for the total number of weeks-to-own shown for the book, charges stop and you own the book.

Your payment method is charged for the first week when your order is placed. For eBooks, the rental term starts immediately after order is placed and the billing cycle recurs every 7 days until the book is returned or owned. For Hardback/Paperback books, the rental term starts when the textbook is scanned as delivered by the shipping company. The next weekly billing cycle starts 7 days after book is delivered and recurs every 7 days until the book is returned or owned.

What if I don’t have enough funds on my credit card account to cover the charge of the rental

You are responsible to maintain a valid method of payment on your account. If you default on your weekly payment for more than two weeks you will be charged a $10 missed payment fee for each book you default on. After 30 days of missed payment the full amount of the book will become due and you will be handed over to a collections agency.

How do I return my print book?

Returning your print book it easy

  • Select the book you want to return from your Bookshelf of your Order History page
  • Click the Return button.
  • Check your email for a pre-paid return label.
  • Print the return label.
  • Pack up the book - One book. One box.
  • Ship it.

One book. One box.

It’s important to package one book, per box, per return label. We determine when to stop billing your account based on when the return label is scanned at the warehouse. If you are returning more than one book you should put them each in their own box with their own return label. Do not put them in the same box with one label or you will continue to be charged for the books who’s shipping label is not scanned.

How do I return my iFlipd eBook?

Flip it!
  • Select the book you want to return from your Bookshelf or your Order History page
  • Flipping is how you stop payments and share the book with other students.
  • Plus, you’ll earn points towards rewards. If you rent the book for a week but only need it for a few days, you can flip it back early, and someone else can pick up the remaining days for half price.

    How do I track my order?

    Easy. We send you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when the book is shipped. If you miss the email you can log into your account and go to your Order History page to find a tracking number.

    How do I pick up a Flipd book?

    Simple! Search for any book, if it’s a flip, just rent it and pick it up for half-price ($1 to $10). The days remaining on the book are shown in the top corner. After you rent the Flipd eBook for the remainder of the current rental week, the book renews at full price.

    These POINTS you keep mentioning, how do I get them and how do I use them?

    At iFlipd, points are like currency for rewards. Here's how to use them.