iFlipd Affiliate Program Overview

The iFlipd Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue by placing iFlipd banners and links on your site, links on email campaigns, and links on social media posts. When a visitor clicks a link, downloads the free app, and creates a free account, your organization receives:

6% commission on all of that visitors purchases for eBook rentals, flips, and purchases for 60 days from the account create date for that user.

The iFlipd marketing team will deliver:

  • New creative collateral each month including banners, buttons, icons and text links
  • Dedicated co-branded landing page
  • iFlipd account manager
  • Access to a high growth industry
  • Cross promotion of your site or organization

Partnering with iFlipd is a great way to get involved in the exploding world of eReading. iFlipd’s low price points reduce the barrier to eBooks, bringing access to many and affordability to all.

Your organization’s members will get their first eBook rental FREE.

iFlipd’s pay-as-you-go model and the creation of a secondary rental marker – the Flip – means you can be paid several times from a single rental.

Because we are a Trade book retailer, our broad and rapidly growing selection of eBooks means that there is something for everyone.

Our Affiliate Program is free to open to websites of all sizes from personal sites to large business and organization sites.

Most importantly, iFlipd, is operated by passionate people, who are dedicated to creating a superior reading experience with 5 star customer service. You can be confident you are providing your visitors a relevant, rewarding, and economical product.



iFlipd Affiliates

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